Lane Wallace has been a successful author and journalist for more than 25 years. In addition to being an editor and the first female columnist for Flying magazine, her work has been published in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Outside, ForbesLife, and numerous other national and international publications. Her latest book project is Surviving in a Man’s World: The Power of a Woman’s Authentic Voice.


Lane has written eight books and over 600 articles and essays on many different subjects, including aviation, space, and adventure; improving healthcare and education; psychology and the human experience; current events; and questions related to voice, passion, innovation, meaning, and purpose.


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In addition to her latest book project on women’s voice, Lane has written eight other books: two books on the lessons of adventure, four illustrated history books for NASA that explained aeronautical and space research and discoveries to the general public, one technical book on aeronautical research, and a book for young people on flying and designing airplanes.

Lane’s Atlantic Archive

Over the course of five years, Lane wrote more than 150 essays and articles for The Atlantic—several of which have been reprinted in college textbooks as springboards for discussions on complex issues. The archives of her writing from The Atlantic can be accessed here

The Adventure of Being Yourself

It is always easier to follow the pack. Being “ourselves”—our most authentic, passionate, inspired, best, and true selves—is far more difficult. So in 2009, Lane founded a website to provide information and support for people who want to undertake the lifelong adventure of being themselves and charting their own path, with their own voice, in the world. Titled No Map. No Guide. No Limits., it offers some of her most current writing: thought-provoking essays, information, and resources on everything from Voice and Authenticity to Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Other Articles and Essays

In addition to eight books, Lane has written upwards of 600 articles and essays over the past two decades. They’ve covered a variety of wide variety of topics, from aviation and adventure to improving health care and education, to issues of voice, passion, and purpose. Here are links to some favorite articles and essays.