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Core Strength: Being Happy and Having Impact in a World Run by Men


Lane’s latest book project explores not only what it takes for a woman to find and hold onto a mature and grounded sense of her authentic self and voice, but also how to leverage that self-knowledge to build a more fulfilling career path and navigate the tricky territory of a male-dominated world more effectively. In it, Lane artfully blends her own story and hard-won wisdom with insights from other women and the results of more than three years of broader research she conducted on the subject. The book explores why an authentic self and voice matter, what common patterns and hazards women face in the process of finding and holding onto them, and how women can use knowledge to become stronger and more resilient, have greater impact, and end up happier in both their professional and personal lives. 


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In addition to Lane's latest book project, she's written eight other books:

A manifesto and guide to surviving uncertain times, based on lessons learned through real-life adventures ranging from being stranded on a glacier high up in the Alps (in shorts and tennis shoes) to fighting debilitating fear in deteriorating weather while flying over the mountains.

A compilation of memorable moments and lessons gathered from more than 20 years as a pilot and world explorer.

A book for young adults on flying and designing airplanes.

Other books by Lane Wallace:


  • Flights of Discovery: 50 Years at the Dryden Flight Research Center

  • Flights of Discovery II: 60 Years at the Dryden Flight Research Center

  • Dreams, Hopes, Realities: The Goddard Space Center’s First Forty Years

  • Airborne Trailblazer: Two Decades with NASA Langley’s 737 Flying Laboratory

  • Nose Up: High Angle-of-Attack and Thrust Vectoring Research at NASA Dryden, 1975–2001

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