In addition to Lane's latest book project, (Speaking Up: The Hard-Won Power of a Woman’s Authentic Voice), she's written eight other books:

A manifesto and guide to surviving uncertain times, based on lessons learned through real-life adventures ranging from being stranded on a glacier high up in the Alps (in shorts and tennis shoes) to fighting debilitating fear in deteriorating weather while flying over the mountains.

A compilation of memorable moments and lessons gathered from more than 20 years as a pilot and world explorer.

A book for young adults on flying and designing airplanes.

Other books by Lane Wallace:


  • Flights of Discovery: 50 Years at the Dryden Flight Research Center

  • Flights of Discovery II: 60 Years at the Dryden Flight Research Center

  • Dreams, Hopes, Realities: The Goddard Space Center’s First Forty Years

  • Airborne Trailblazer: Two Decades with NASA Langley’s 737 Flying Laboratory

  • Nose Up: High Angle-of-Attack and Thrust Vectoring Research at NASA Dryden, 1975–2001