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Women in Aviation

Lane’s “Core Strength” columns are a regular feature in Aviation for Women—the official magazine of Women in Aviation, International. They’re written for women navigating careers in the male-dominated fields of aviation and aerospace, with all the exciting rewards—and cross-cultural challenges—working in that kind of environment entails. But they’re equally relevant to any woman trying to find and navigate a meaningful and happy career path against a host of internal and external pressures, challenging work environments, and overscheduled days.

Core Strength is about developing a stronger and more grounded sense of ourselves and what matters most to us, and then learning how to use that strength to navigate our careers and lives more effectively. What does an “authentic voice” mean, and how can we build a stronger one? How do we build the essential bridges we need to create the support we need to be effective, while still drawing the necessary boundaries to protect ourselves from bad actors? How do we find our passion if we don’t know what it is already? How do we make the kind of choices in our lives that allow us the best chance at fulfillment and happiness, and how do we withstand unhealthy pressures and expectations that get in the way? How can we manage our fears, adopt an explorer’s mindset, and get comfortable enough with discomfort that we’re able to step out and grow into the women we’d like to become? These are the type of important questions Lane’s “Core Strength” column explores.

Lessons From My Mother

May/June 2024

Bridges and Boundaries 101

March/April 2024

The Rewards of Ownership

January/February 2024

How Sensitive is Too Sensitive?

November/December 2023

Ducks, Swans, and Finding Our “Peeps”

September/October 2023

Finding Mentors and Kindred Spirits

July/August 2023

Coping With Injustice

May/June 2023

Being Authentic Without Being a Brat

March/April 2023

How Much Should We Share at Work?

January/February 2023

The Power of Compassion

November/December 2022

Finding Meaning and Passion

September/October 2022

The Power of “Reframing”

July/August 2022

What IS Core Strength, Anyway?

​May/June 2022

The Voices in Our Heads

March/April 2022

Getting Comfortable With Discomfort

January/February 2022

Asking the Right Questions

November/December 2021

The 10 Pennies Rule

September/October 2021

What Really Makes Us Happy

July/August 2021

Managing Our Fears

May/June 2021

Adopting an Explorer’s Mindset

March/April 2021

Fitting in Without Losing Yourself

January/February 2021


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