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Articles & Essays

In addition to eight books, Lane has also written upwards of 600 articles and essays over the past two decades. They’ve covered a variety of wide variety of topics, from aviation and adventure to improving health care and education, to issues of voice, passion, and purpose. Links to some of those essays and articles are listed below. But you can also find her writing in a number of other places, including her website: No Map. No Guide. No Limits.


Here are links to some favorite articles and essays:

Who Needs the Grid?

Former NASA researcher K.R. Sridhar figured out how to create oxygen on Mars. He’s now applying that technology to transform the energy industry here on Earth.


Dirigible Dreams

A fanciful-seeming idea, which dates back to the Civil War, may soon be employed to combat IED losses in Afghanistan.


Multi-Cultural Critical Theory. At B-School?

Roger Martin, dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, is leading a growing movement to create a “Liberal Arts MBA”


The Price of Adventure

Why do we take on adventure? Maybe because we want to live… out loud.


The Path Less Traveled

Sometimes, the best or shortest path to a more fulfilling job or life isn’t a straight line.


Their Fathers’ Sons

Exploring communication between fathers and sons, and the activities and machinery that connect them.


Winter Sky

What the lonelier winter seasons of our lives can give us.


A Demon Called Fear

Struggling to overcome life-threatening fear.


Of Risk and Life

The dilemma of safety versus fulfillment, and what risks are worth taking.


The Eyes of a Child

Seeing the magic of flight through the eyes of a three-year-old.


A Question of Trust

An essay on the fragility and importance of trust–especially when your life is at stake.


Shadow and Light

In the wake of 9/11, what tragedy and crisis can teach us.


Playing Hooky

Why sometimes, taking a break from responsibility can be … well … responsible.


Safari in Beaver, Husky, and Wookiee Land

Adventures with Harrison Ford in the back country of Idaho.


Knowing When to Cut Bait

Learning to trust your gut when making ambiguous decisions in life.


The Challenging Math of Risk

How do we decide what risks are worth taking—for us, and for those we love?


No Man’s Land

Flying in the middle of a complex world of war, missionaries, and mercenaries in Southern Sudan.


Desert Caravan

Part I of III: a return to Africa and for more relief flying in post-peace-treaty Sudan, where violence is a hard habit to break.


Refugees and Legionnaires

Part II of III: adventures flying into Darfur refugee camps in eastern Chad.


Turbulence in Congo

Part III of III: relief flying in eastern Congo just as UN tanks start to roll.


A Quiet Revolution

Change happens slowly, and progress isn’t always obvious at first. But the world can change, as the story of a teenage girl who wants to be a fighter pilot illustrates.


Where Eagles Dare

Getting stranded on a glacier in the Alps … in tennis shoes.


Knowing What We Know

How do we gain confidence? A look at the cycles of learning we all go through in new fields or skill areas.

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