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Core Strength Workshops

Lane’s “Core Strength” workshops were designed to help women in male-dominated industries gain the knowledge and skill they need to be effective and successful without losing themselves or burning out.  But they’re helpful to anyone who’s trying to find and navigate a meaningful and happy career path against a host of internal and external pressures, challenges, and overscheduled days.


How do we make the kind of choices in our careers and lives that allow us the best chance at fulfillment and happiness, and how do we withstand unhealthy pressures and expectations that get in the way? How do we build the essential bridges we need to create the support we need to be effective, while still drawing the necessary boundaries to protect ourselves from bad actors? How can we manage our fears, adopt an explorer’s mindset, and get comfortable enough with discomfort that we’re able to step out and grow into the people we’d like to become?


The answer to those questions, which Lane learned through her own personal and career struggles before finally gaining wide success as the first woman columnist at Flying magazine, is the same thing coaches tell successful athletes: start by strengthening your core. “Core Strength” is about developing a stronger, clearer, and more grounded sense of ourselves and what matters most to us, and then learning how to use that clarity and strength to navigate our careers and lives more effectively.​

  • May 4, 2024

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Hosted by Women in Aviation International North Texas Chapter


“Core Strength” workshops have two primary goals:


Goal #1: Help participants start building the essential elements that create Core Strength:


  1. Gaining a clearer sense of who they are and what matters most to them in a job and life

  2. Creating a meaningful career vision focused on key elements vs. a particular job

  3. Learning to be at peace with who they are and aren’t, even as they work on growth

  4. Learning how to focus more on internal vs. external rewards. 


Goal #2: Show participants how they can apply that Core Strength to be happier and more

effective in the workplace


  1. Utilizing a clear and meaningful career vision

  2. Picking battles and building resilience

  3. Learning to Build Bridges and Draw Boundaries Effectively

  4. Figuring out what to do when all else fails


Workshop Includes:


  • Presentation of concepts

  • Worksheets and writing/reflection exercises

  • Facilitated exercises with group and in pairs

  • Problem-Solving Discussion Time

  • Creation of personal road map/compass

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