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"I have spent my whole life forging meaningful paths into new and unknown territory.


As a pilot and adventure writer, I learned how to embrace uncertainty and build the core strength I needed to succeed in challenging environments. And as the first woman columnist in Flying magazine’s 72-year history, I learned how to leverage that strength to successfully navigate a male-dominated workplace and industry.


My work focuses on sharing those insights and lessons."

About Lane


In 1999, Lane Wallace became the first woman columnist in the 72-year history of Flying magazine—an internationally acclaimed publication with over 300,000 readers, 96% of whom were men. Despite all the challenges posed by such an overwhelmingly male audience and industry, Lane quickly developed an enthusiastic following, becoming one of the magazine’s most popular writers and, eventually, its West Coast Editor. How did she succeed as a pioneer in such a challenging majority-culture environment? By leveraging the core strength she’d built through years of exploring the world, as a pilot and adventure writer, and exploring herself, as a woman in search of wisdom and insight. Her work now focuses on sharing those lessons and insights with other people struggling with diverse work environments—and, especially, with women working in male-dominated workplaces.



Lane Wallace has been a successful author and journalist for more than 25 years. She was an editor and the first female columnist at Flying magazine, and she currently writes a magazine column called “Core Strength” for Women in Aviation, International. In addition, she’s written six books for NASA, two books on the lessons of adventure, and is nearing completion on her latest book project: Core Strength: Being Happy and Having Impact in a World Run by Men. She’s also written for numerous national and international publications including The Atlantic, The New York Times, Outside magazine and ForbesLife.

Diversity & Inclusion


Enhancing diversity and inclusion in an organization or company is a multi-pronged challenge. Fundamental, of course, is instituting policies and processes that support a more diverse and inclusive workplace, from recruiting and hiring practices, to standards of behavior, to ensuring prompt and effective adjudication of any conflicts or transgressions of those standards.


Equally important, however, is working on changing
individuals’ attitudes, frameworks and perspectives in ways that promote a more inclusive and cooperative environment. This second element is where Lane’s expertise lies, and what she focuses on in her work with organizations’ diversity and inclusion efforts.

Career Coaching


Ever since she left her corporate marketing career to become a freelance aviation and adventure writer, Lane has been creating her own career path, one step and choice at a time. As a result, she learned a tremendous amount about how to make career decisions wisely and effectively, as well as how to gain the self-knowledge and grounded focus that allow for strong decision-making. In addition, Lane has 25 years of experience in successfully navigating male-dominated workplaces—knowledge she’s able to share with all her coaching clients. Lane’s background as a professional writer and editor give her the added ability to help clients formulate resumes, performance reports, promotion rationales, and other work projects requiring strategic thinking, planning, and writing.

No Map. No Guide. No Limits.


In 2009, Lane founded a website to provide information and support for people who want to undertake the lifelong adventure of being themselves and charting their own path in the world. No Map. No Guide. No Limits. offers some of her most current writing: thought-provoking essays, information, and resources on everything from Voice and Authenticity to Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

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