"The happiest people and the strongest leaders are those who have learned to embrace adventure and uncertainty, have a clear sense of their authentic self and voice, and understand why the goal they’re working on matters.

How people achieve those goals, and what the adventure of that journey can teach us, are questions that have driven me throughout my career. It’s also what I teach, and what I love writing and speaking about the most.”

About Lane


Lane Wallace has spent the past 25 years writing, speaking, and working with individuals and groups on topics related to creating a more meaningful, authentic, and fulfilling life. As a writer, she’s authored eight books and forged a pioneering role as the first woman columnist at Flying magazine, in addition to writing for publications including The Atlantic, Outside magazine and The New York Times. As a speaker and coach, she’s worked with both individuals and a wide variety of groups on topics related to embracing adventure and change, finding and using the power of an authentic voice to create more meaningful career paths, surviving uncertain times and circumstances, and building stronger, passion-inspired teams.



Lane Wallace has been a successful author and journalist for more than 25 years. In addition to being an editor and the first female columnist for Flying magazine, her work has been published in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Outside, ForbesLife, and numerous other national and international publications. Her latest book project is Surviving in a Man’s World: The Power of a Woman’s Authentic Voice.



Writing is not the only medium Lane uses to help people learn how to embrace adventure and uncertainty, overcome fear, harness the power of their authentic self, and work toward a more passion-inspired and fulfilling life and career path. She also works with individuals and groups in person, providing one-on-one coaching, group workshops, and speaking to a wide range of audiences.

Women's Voices


Whenever anyone asks Lane how she managed to succeed in a male-dominated industry, she answers, “By finding my authentic self and voice—and then learning how to use that voice and power effectively.” But she also knows how challenging it is for women to achieve and maintain that identity and strength. Her latest book project: Surviving in a Man’s World: The Power of a Woman’s Authentic Voice aims to make that effort a little easier. It combines her own hard-won wisdom and experience with more than three years of research on what it takes for women to find, hold onto, and bring the power of an authentic self and voice to their careers and lives.

No Map. No Guide. No Limits.


In 2009, Lane founded a website to provide information and support for people who want to undertake the lifelong adventure of being themselves and charting their own path in the world. No Map. No Guide. No Limits. offers some of her most current writing: thought-provoking essays, information, and resources on everything from Voice and Authenticity to Entrepreneurship and Innovation.