Women's Voices

Whenever anyone asks Lane how she managed to succeed in a male-dominated industry, she answers, “By finding my authentic self and voice—and then learning how to use that voice and power effectively.” But she also knows how hard women struggle to achieve and maintain that identity and strength. Her latest book project: Surviving in a Man’s World: The Power of a Woman’s Authentic Voice aims to make that effort a little easier. It combines her own hard-won wisdom and experience with more than three years of research and interviews with educators, therapists and professional women around the country about what it takes for women to find, hold onto, and bring the power of an authentic self and voice to their careers and lives.


In the past few years, the term “authentic voice” has been so over-simplified, and so casually and glibly overused, that it's in danger of becoming a meaningless cliché.


And yet, women still wage a very real, painful, and complex struggle across their lives to separate who they are from who the world expects them to be—and then use that knowledge to withstand life’s challenges, make and be at peace with tough career and life decisions, interact more effectively with others, and have meaningful and joyful impact on the world.


That core knowledge may be particularly important for women who work in predominantly male fields, but the truth is, it's essential for any of us, if we want to be strong, grounded, mature, and happy people. Unfortunately, no matter what anyone promises, there are no simple formulas or answers as to how a woman finds that voice, and then learns how to hold onto it and use its power to help her create a more meaningful, impactful, and happy life. It’s a challenging and complex process, and each woman’s journey is unique.


Lane doesn't try to package what she’s learned into simple answers. But what she does, both in her coaching and in her book, is use her own experience and research to help guide women as they explore their own answers. Because although every woman’s path is different, Lane’s research revealed that there are patterns to our individual searches; common elements we all need to address along the way, and common hazards we need to avoid. Using those patterns as a framework, she helps women ask the right questions, question the important answers, reframe their assumptions, learn to explore more confidently, and figure out what jobs and career paths are most likely to make them happy in the long run.


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