Flying the U-2
Ski flying, Wyoming
Kayaking, Thailand
Blimp flying, Italy
At the Equator, Ecuador
With village children, Sudan
Wreck diving, South Pacific
On Mont Blanc, French Alps
Cattle drive, Australian Outback
At a Darfur refugee camp, Chad

Anyone who has heard Lane Wallace speak finds themselves being drawn back to hear her again…

Need a Coach or Speaker?


In addition to her writing, Lane excels as both a coach and a speaker. As a career development coach, she works with individual women to help them re-connect with their authentic self and voice, develop more fulfilling career goals and visions, make difficult choices, and leverage that self-knowledge to become more resilient and effective in their daily work lives. She also gives talks and has designed workshops on those topics.


Also, Lane has shared the lessons she’s learned from a lifetime of adventure in other venues, speaking and working with groups to help them embrace new experiences, cope with transitions and uncertainty, overcome fear, build stronger teams, and work toward more passion-inspired and fulfilling lives and career paths.

“Our goal was to crystallize our thinking regarding the question: Why is raising money for this particular organization so important? Lane exceeded our expectations and greatly enhanced our ability, both as individuals and as a group, to articulate our passion for that purpose. Thank you, Lane!”

—Craig Leach
President and CEO
Torrance Memorial Medical Center

“Lane provided invaluable advice when I was faced with a challenging decision regarding the course of my career. In retrospect, I can say with certainty that her counsel helped guide me to make the best decision for myself and my family.”

—Coaching Client

“Our industry executives were riveted by Lane Wallace's insightful and inspirational comments and advice. Three years later, Lane remains a PMI Conference legendary highlight.”

—Barbara Higgens
Plumbing Manufacturers International

“Lane Wallace has the exceptional ability to connect with her audience on a wide range of subjects. She proved to be a great asset and she added tremendously to the success of our ventures. We highly recommend her!”

—Anna Pangrazzi
Apex Aviation, Toronto, Canada.

Lane is a compelling and inspirational speaker, and she has worked with a wide range of corporate, non-profit, educational, and community groups in settings ranging from small executive retreats to large convention general sessions. She’s helped executives and employees build stronger teams and cope with the stress of high-risk, innovative projects and market/regulatory changes, as well as mergers and acquisitions; helped non-profit boards improve their fundraising ability; and has worked with students and women’s groups to help them develop a stronger sense of their authentic selves and use that knowledge to pursue more fulfilling career paths. 

What sets Lane apart in her speaking and coaching is that she never speaks as an expert on the sidelines. Whether she’s working one-on-one, conducting a workshop, or talking to a large group, she approaches her audiences as a player-coach; sharing insights from her own adventures and misadventures, as well as wisdom drawn from her vast reserves of research and interviews around the world. Lane spent three years researching what it takes for women to find and hold onto an authentic voice, and then use that knowledge to have greater impact in the world. And she’s spent a lifetime learning about how to make good decisions when there’s no map or guide to help you, and how to deal with the uncertainty, fear, and challenges that come with any adventure or exploration into unknown or uncertain territory.


Lane combines the passion and experience of an adventurer, the keen, analytical eye of a journalist, and the quick wit of a good storyteller, resulting in insightful coaching as well as custom-designed talks and workshops that are compelling, inspiring, and immensely practical.


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“Anyone who has heard Lane Wallace speak finds themselves being drawn back to hear her again. In venues with a dozen speakers performing simultaneously, her audiences consistently number in the hundreds.”

—Cam Martin

“Lane held us spellbound as she shared her stories of accepting or rejecting risks, and how the uncertainty of adventure relates to the decisions that we make everyday. Her style ranges from lighthearted to a passion that enthralls and engages the audience with a genuine and very personal touch.”

—Phil Tartalone
Great Lakes Aviation Conference