Lane Speaking at NASAThe experience and wisdom Lane has accumulated over 25 years of uncharted adventure and entrepreneurship have given her a unique ability to help companies, groups and individuals facing a variety of challenges. She does not give “canned” speeches. Instead, she works with her clients to develop presentations and workshops custom-tailored to meet their group’s particular needs. She’s helped groups with challenges ranging from overcoming fear and thriving in times of uncertainty and change, to finding and clarifying a sense of mission and harnessing the power of an authentic voice, passion, and sense of purpose.

Can Lane help your group? Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you looking for a speaker or workshop leader who …

  • Can entertain, enlighten and inspire your audience?
  • Can draw from unique and exciting world adventures and compelling, first-person stories to drive home points and keep the audience’s interest?
  • Offers tangible, actionable insights and advice from real-life experience?
  • Conveys a powerful and refreshing sense of authenticity to her audiences?
  • Is gifted at getting others to open up and contribute their own stories to a discussion?

Would your group be more effective if they could …

  • Find and utilize a stronger sense of mission?
  • Learn how to thrive in uncertain times and situations?
  • Cope better with change and transition?
  • Learn how to overcome fear?
  • Have more empathy for, and trust in, each other?

Would the people in your group benefit from knowing…

  • How to reframe uncertainty and change as an opportunity, instead of a negative turn of events?
  • How to overcome fear, find courage, and embrace the challenge of making a difference in their workplace and their lives?
  • How to find their voice and passion–and find or develop a meaningful career they will love?
  • How to find and be their most authentic and powerful self, no matter what job or career they have or pursue?
  • How to be clearer, and happier, with the choices and trade-offs they make in their careers and personal lives?

If the answer to ANY of these questions is “yes,” you’re at the right place.

Lane’s presentations and workshops are custom-tailored to meet the needs of each particular client. She has spoken at a wide range of conferences and has worked with corporate, non-profit, educational, and community groups in settings ranging from small executive retreats to large convention general sessions. She has helped executives and employees cope with the stress of market and regulatory changes, as well as mergers and acquisitions; helped non-profit boards improve their fundraising ability; and worked with women’s groups on career and personal development issues. She has also spoken to a wide range of student groups about finding their authentic inner voice, overcoming fear, embracing the uncharted possibilities of life, and creating a meaningful career and life path.

Lane in a P-51C MustangWhat makes Lane such an effective speaker and workshop leader?

Lane is able to speak convincingly, with authenticity and power, because the subjects she addresses are ones she knows uniquely well. Her knowledge, insights, philosophy and advice have all been honed and tested in the tough but effective school of experience.

Lane can talk about overcoming fear and the rewards of uncertainty and change, because she’s lived a life of adventure and entrepreneurship that’s forced her to learn those skills and insights. She can talk convincingly about the power of an authentic voice and a passion-inspired mission, and how to find those things, because she’s dedicated her life to those pursuits, taking notes every step of the way. And she’s effective at connecting with people and helping them overcome their fears and find their voice, passion, and a renewed sense of purpose and possibility… becoming more effective at their jobs and goals as a result … because she believes so deeply that those things matter.

Lane is also a very good storyteller, as all her readers and audiences can attest.

Next Steps

Read some case studies of talks and workshops Lane has given.
Watch a clip of Lane speaking at a Forbes executive forum.
Inquire about having Lane speak to, or work with, your group.

What People Say

“Lane Wallace was the keynote presenter at our Hospital Foundation Board Retreat. We all agreed that she was one of the most inspirational speakers we had ever heard. The goal was to crystallize our thinking regarding the question: why is raising money for this particular organization so important? Lane exceeded our expectations and greatly enhanced our ability, both as individuals and as a group, to articulate our passion for that purpose. Thank you Lane.”

Craig Leach
President and CEO
Torrance Memorial Medical Center

“Our industry executives were riveted by Lane Wallace’s insightful, inspirational comments. What a terrific way to open our Conference. Three years after her keynote, Lane remains a PMI Conference legendary highlight.”

Barbara Higgens
Plumbing Manufacturers International

“Lane Wallace has that exceptional ability to connect with her audience on a wide range of subjects. Her speaking style mirrors her writing style and vice versa, so if you have read any of her articles you will know that she speaks eloquently from the heart. She proved to be a great asset and crowd pleaser, and her presence added tremendously to the success of our ventures. We highly recommend her!”

Anna Pangrazzi
Apex Aircraft Sales Ltd.

“Lane Wallace’s lyrical commentary captivated the overflow crowd of more than 1,700 people attending our conference. Wallace knows how to carry a true story into the realm of the fascinating, all the while weaving within her words lessons that listeners can take with them back into their own lives, moving forward. She is, in a word, inspiring.”

Amy Laboda
Women in Aviation, International

“Anyone who has heard Lane Wallace speak finds themselves being drawn back to hear her again. In venues with a dozen speakers performing simultaneously, her audiences consistently number in the hundreds.”

Cam Martin

“Lane held our audience spellbound for over an hour as she shared her stories of accepting or rejecting risks, and how the uncertainty of adventure relates to the decisions that we make everyday. Her style ranges from lighthearted to a passion that enthralls and engages the audience. No matter what the message, Lane will enchant the audience with a genuine and very personal touch.”

Phil Tartalone
Great Lakes Aviation Conference