Case Studies

To give you a little clearer picture of what you can expect from me as a consultant, workshop leader, or speaker, I’ve put together a few case studies from past projects (listed and linked to below). I’ve spoken to and worked with a variety of groups and clients, addressing different challenges and problems. My work all stems from my core expertise in adventure, embracing uncertainty, overcoming fear, and finding voice, passion, mission and meaning. And my work is all directed toward helping my clients gain the direction, inspiration, effectiveness and strength that come from those elements. At the same time, the specific topics I address and the approaches I use vary, because I’m always trying to address the specific circumstances, needs or problems of each particular client or audience.

You may find that some of the case studies here resonate with your own group’s challenge or situation. But I also realize that two clients’ situations are exactly the same. So I encourage you to contact me directly if you have any questions about whether I could help your group, company, or organization.

Case Study #1: A Non-Profit Foundation Executive Board Retreat
A workshop aimed at improving the Board’s fundraising abilities.
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Case Study #2: A Company Struggling with the Stress of an Acquisition
A presentation and discussion to help managers deal with upcoming upheaval
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Case Study #3: A University Women’s Career Conference
A talk aimed at helping high-achieving young women find their true voices and make life choices based on more than traditional external achievement
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Case Study #4: Inspiring Workers at a Government Research Agency
Helping government researchers find, or remember, their mission and passion
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Case Study #5: A Professional Association Meeting
Helping professionals in a field facing major regulatory changes reframe their challenges in a more productive light
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Case Study #6: High School Students
A talk and discussion to help students find the courage and the way to pursue meaningful and worthwhile lives and careers
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