In addition to my magazine, newspaper, and online articles and essays, I’ve written eight books. I have another in process as we speak. A number of the books are illustrated histories for NASA, but I have two books of “my own” that are currently available (see below). My in-the-works project is a book aimed at helping women, and particularly young women, learn how to find, trust, and nurture their true, authentic voice and bring it into the world in a meaningful and powerful way. And there are more books on adventure and passion to come!

To learn more about my two most recent books, click the images below:

Surviving Uncertainty Unforgettable: My 10 Best Flights

I’m also the author of:

Wild Blue Wonders: Exploring the Magic of Flight (available through
Flights of Discovery: 50 Years at the Dryden Flight Research Center
Flights of Discovery II: 60 Years at the Dryden Flight Research Center
Dreams, Hopes, Realities: The Goddard Space Center’s First Forty Years
Airborne Trailblazer: Two Decades with NASA Langley’s 737 Flying Laboratory
Nose Up: High Angle-of-Attack and Thrust Vectoring Research at NASA Dryden, 1975-2001