THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE, THE STRONGEST LEADERS, and the most effective teams are those who have learned to embrace adventure and uncertainty, overcome fear, speak with an authentic voice, and understand why the goal they’re working toward matters. These are the subjects I write and speak about, and the skills I teach.

Welcome! If you’re not familiar with who I am, or my work, I am perhaps best known as an explorer and writer. I’ve spent 25 years exploring people, places, adventures and experiences around the world, and I’ve used my writing and speaking talents to share the insights and lessons of those adventures and explorations with others.

I’ve had many physical adventures—from flying my own airplane, wreck diving in the South Pacific and climbing mountains to flying relief supplies into conflict zones in Africa and traveling to the edges of space. But in some ways, the physical adventures and explorations are the easy ones. Some of the most difficult … but important … adventures I’ve undertaken have been personal and professional in nature: Being self employed for over two decades in an industry undergoing upheaval. Becoming a step-mom. Caretaking elderly parents. Struggling for balance as life got more complicated.

In all cases, there is no map and no guide as to how to navigate such an uncharted and changing landscape. You have to figure out a way forward as you go. The advantage of having had the physical adventures (besides the fact that they make great stories and illustrations) is that when your life is at stake and the risks, choices, and obstacles are physical in nature, it’s a lot easier to see the lessons and skills you need to master in order to survive. And those lessons and skills are then at your disposal for whatever other challenges come your way.

In short, my goal with my writing, speaking and consulting has been to give other people some of that knowledge without their having to fly relief supplies in Africa or suffer through the cold and discomfort of being stranded on a glacier in shorts and tennis shoes themselves.

What are those important insights and skills? They range from an understanding of the gifts that come from embracing adventure and challenge––and how to overcome fear and survive uncertainty––to the importance and power of passion, an authentic voice, and a clear sense of mission and purpose. They also include how to make, and be at peace with, the decisions and trade-offs we all have to make when we decide which risks or roads to take, or when competing opportunities, needs, or responsibilities in our lives collide.

Surviving adventure, after all, is all about good decision-making. And the strength to persevere through the tough spots of any venture, or adventure, comes from having clear and honest knowledge about who you are, what matters most to you, why you’re doing what you’re doing, and what risks and sacrifices you are, and are not, willing to make. What’s more, we can summon more energy for efforts we feel passionate about or believe are important to pursue. A person, leader, or team speaking with a deeply authentic voice, and passion for the goal, has the power to change the world. Not surprisingly, those same elements are also what lead to a fulfilling and satisfying life path.

In this website, and in my accompanying blog, “No Map. No Guide. No Limits.,” I offer a variety of writing, resources, and––hopefully––inspiration for anyone else who is contemplating or in the midst of any kind of adventure. You can also find more information here on the speaking and workshop services I offer to individuals, groups, and organizations.

If you’d like to see more of what I’ve written, including my book Surviving Uncertainty: Taking a Hero’s Journey, I invite you to visit the Books and Articles/Essays sections of this website. For current essays, visit my blog:

If you’d like to know more about some of my adventures, and how I came to learn the subjects I now write, speak, and conduct workshops about, check out the About Lane page.

And if you’d like more details about how I actually translate the insights and skills of a quarter century of physical, professional and personal adventure into useful talks and workshops, take a look at both the Speaking/Workshops section of this site, as well as the case studies, where I detail different projects I’ve done for a variety of clients.

Of course, I’m always happy to hear from people who find their way to my site. So if you have questions not answered by any of the information here, or have feedback you’d like to offer, please send me an email!

I hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime, good luck with whatever adventure is heading your way!



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